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It is a scientific fact that a subtle electromagnetic energy field surrounds every living being. This electromagnetic energy field is your aura. Although you can't see it with the untrained eye, it's as much a part of you as the person you see in the mirror. Each aura colour and its location on and around your body has a different meaning. You even get a glimpse into the future because that's what the colours on your left side represent. And, if you look closely, you may very well spot orbs floating in your auric field.

Furthermore, with our exclusive money-saving combos, you will learn which of your chakras are balanced, which ones are not in harmony with the rest of your body, and if you have any blockages.

For more than two decades, Stan Mallow and Ray Faucher, founders of Aura Photos by First Star, have been at the forefront in the advancement of aura capturing technologies initially developed by pioneer electrical engineers and inventors Nikola Tesla and Semyon Kirlian. When visiting us at an event, be sure-check out the photos of some of the many celebrities whose aura we photographed.

Seeing your energy field and the colours manifesting in your invisible body could turn out-be one of the most exciting, informative, and uplifting experiences in your life!

Aura Capturing Video

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An Open Message

to All of Our Clients

In light of the current pandemic, all events we were to do aura photography at are cancelled. Hopefully, these dark times will end, sooner rather than later. When it does, and the expos return, we will list them on this website. We wish you and your loved one's wellness and that you use this downtime constructively and wisely.
Stan & Ray
Aura Photos by First Star